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Why book with me?

Photographs of our beloved pets are irreplaceable and whilst a mobile phone photograph will produce a decent result,

it cannot compete with professional photography & expert editing skills.  


I can capture the spirit of an animal and edit the photo so that it comes alive!  Are you concerned that your dog has the 'zoomies' and doesn't want to stay still for a second or has had very little training?  Don't worry, I have ways of getting around this.  Are you worried that your dog will need to stay on a lead all of the time?  That's no problem either as I can remove unwanted elements during editing.  These are just a few examples of what I can achieve with my professional camera and Photoshop training.   I encourage you to look at the edited images on my portfolio page.  Many of the images were taken of animals who were unpredictable and/or needed to be on the lead.  I still managed to capture some amazing images for my client.


  I want you to have the best possible experience because I am a pet owner and I know what level of service I would want for my photo shoot experience!  I therefore provide an unrivalled first class service unlike any other pet photographer on the south coast.  I will also provide you with stunning products from the best image labs in the country, so that you can remember your pet for years to come!  If in the unlikely event I don't meet your expectations, I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch for a no obligation chat & I can give you an insight into all of the amazing services I provide! 

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This is an outdoor photo shoot.  You can have photos of just your pet or with you and/or family. It can take place at a location of your choosing & in a style of your choice, including posed or action.  


Watch Them Grow

This is a lovely option if you want to capture your pups' first year.  3 outdoor photo sessions capture their journey from a few weeks old, another at 6 months and finally, at 12 months.  



Saying goodbye to your elderly or

terminally ill pet is heartbreaking.  I can can capture the soul and beauty of your beloved  pet and deliver a service with compassion and empathy.  

Session Types

Your Photography Session Explained


Step 1- Phone Chat & Consultation

This is where I learn a little about you, your adorable pet, your vision for the photo shoot and answer any questions for you. I explain the bespoke and unique service I provide as well as the complimentary gifts included as part of your package.  This is an invaluable step in my first class service as it means that on the day of the photo shoot, I know exactly what images you require so that our session is relaxed and fun! 


 You will also have the opportunity to see samples of the high quality products I supply.  There is no obligation to purchase beyond your initial investment and I will never use high pressure sales tactics.  I will only suggest products that best suit your needs but you make the final decision, no questions asked.

Whilst most of my work involves photographing dogs, I am eager to photograph any type of pet, so if in doubt drop me an email or call me to have a no obligation chat!

Step 2: Photo Shoot


This is where we get to have some serious fun!!  So, don’t worry if they can’t do a “sit”, “stay” or continually have the “zoomies” and don’t stand still for a second, that’s ok!  I will already have established this with you during our previous chats, so I will be prepared.  I always work with the temperament of the animal and sometimes that means they need to be photographed on a leash for example. That’s absolutely fine as I can edit it out later! 

I have nifty skills to deal with most situations so don't worry if you think your pet can't be photographed.  I guarantee it can!!  I will always make every effort to cater to your needs so if you are unsure of anything ask me.


It’s also not a problem if the weather is poor on the day of your photo shoot, we will reschedule to another time.  Any other questions?  I'd love to hear from you! 


Step 3: The Reveal 


This is, I think, even more exciting than the photo shoot as you get to see the edited photographs.  The only problem, which ones to choose as there will be so many you love, I guarantee it!  Don't fret though as I will expertly guide you through this process and work within your budget.  


You get to see what your chosen products will look like in your home and having decided, you can place your order!  I use the best labs in the country to produce my wall art and folio boxes.  

Your chosen image(s) will receive a Master Art Retouch to ensure they are ready for printing.  Once created, I hand deliver them for you to proudly display and admire for years to come!

Any questions, or still not sure?  Please get in touch for a no obligation consultation (see below for contact options).


(07341) 213 703



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